Job Summary   Students working as the Classroom Technology Assistant will be responsible for preparing classrooms, computer labs, and other meeting spaces for upcoming and ongoing use, as well as providing in-person support for faculty and staff with academic technology.  Classroom Technology Assistants will provide technology assistance in classrooms and conference rooms, on an as-needed basis and will be trained to support the technology in those rooms.  Students will also regularly maintain classroom podiums, lab computers, and other public technology spaces, in addition to maintaining copier supplies across campus.  Classroom Technology Assistants will work in a regular schedule for the semester, with shifts set in at least two-hour blocks, which will occur from 7 am - 7 pm.

Required Skills  This position requires excellent communication skills; a strong ability to think critically; comfort with encountering unfamiliar situations; willingness to continually learn; and strong abilities to use, troubleshoot, and explain technology. On-the-job training is a major part of this position.

Other Details

  • Must be Work-Study eligible
  • Hours will be available for mornings, days, and early evenings
  • All shifts will be a minimum of 2-hour blocks
  • Paid hourly, must be able to work between 6 - 8 hours per week

How to Apply

1.  Apply on the JBU Work-Study website when the positions become available (If you cannot see the position on the Work-Study website, please email with your full name, which position you're interested in, and your available times for an interview.)

2.  Be available for an interview

These positions are available for incoming freshmen, current freshmen, sophomores, and juniors.